web based longtime packet analysis   – up to the next level

integration of interTrace and cloudshark enabling user to run network analysis and longtime PCAP monitoring – 100% in your browser

Pain Points Industry

 „…isolated platforms, tools, processes…. like  in the roaring 80ties – but without  Fax“

User doing network and application analytics with network packets are captivated in same workflow since decades  – usually with a lot technology and platform hopping:

  • Capture packets – in the network, if on premise or cloud with some capture tools
    • Often carry a heavy duty capture unit into the locations ;(
  • Run the analysis – file by file for hours on the local PC with wireshark syntax
    • Enter your filters / searches in a step by step repeating process
    • Identify your critical metrics
    • Try to understand the severity of them
    • Try to understand what was cause and what is the effect
    • If critical – create an incident in the ticket system
  • Share and summarize – results and graphs in some word documents / email sending screenshots, comments etc.



why not hook up to the next level of packet analysis

  • using onsite tools like tcpdump / packet brokers for capturing the packets and storing files centrally in the network
  • Run predefined automated analysis of 1000s of pcap files for long time analysis in wireshark syntax on a shared web platform with your browser
    • Compare statistics in graphs, lists over days or weeks with a glance
    • Correlate cause & effects by visual analysis
  • Dive deep in a single trace file by using shark methods and functions, flows, filters at your browser
  • Share you results with forwarding an URL – or using the Intertrace Blog



A platform made for teams solving network problems

An on-premises collaboration platform focused on packet analysis for networking teams. CS Enterprise delivers secure storage, organization, user and group access control, and elegant, powerful analysis tools all through a web interface enabling packet analysis from any device.

what do we love about CloudShark?

CloudShark with its amazing team develop the wireshark@yourbrowser application, where people can collaberate on analysis tasks – no app needed except the browser. This does simplify these tasks and allows easy to share results or views:

„Solve Problems Faster – More than just a remote Wireshark, CS Enterprise eliminates duplicate work and streamlines investigations and reporting“

CloudShark is extended with additional analysis functions like Zeek integration and other cool features.

Cloudshark allows easy integration for solution developers like us, becoming the defacto standard for web-based „Wireshark“.


  • Use your shark skills on the complete process – same syntax for longtime monitoring and deep packet analysis
  • All in a browserno APP installations required
  • All from your chair
  • Easy sharing data with the team – just forward URL
  • Comparing and visual presentation of longtime and current data creates faster and reliable results
  • Data is saved in database – for longtime history
  • Easy reporting
  • Automated incident generation and forwarding
  • Each analysis scenario is processed separately – separated stored – easy to rewatch months later

interTrace analysis workflow

1) Importing packets from capture appliance or pcap directories

define content, filter, time, priority

3) identify symptoms based on packet content, counters, or deviations 

as incidents or raw data in logarithmic dashboards, select your critical data in dashboard

2) analyse packets

based on customizable profiles, identify incidents, organise in categories

4)  forward pcap file

to local wireshark or cloudshark