Solutions for

IT service visibility


IT service management - workflows, reporting, visibility. Automated SLA reporting.



Deep Packet Analysis for PCAP Files, long time monitoring with user defined protocol metrics.


KPI for IT services


  • Automated workflows for importing raw data from different data sources
  • Analysis of technology data for performance and anomalies
  • Aggregation and correlation of multi-technology and non-tech values in central key figures / KPIs
  • automated creation of SLA reports


Incident processing

  • Evaluate data in real time
  • Detect and correlate incidents,
  • Recognize the impact - assign dependencies
  • System learning and forecasting


One view

Integration of IT key figures, user experience or business key figures show the impact of technology on business.

OneView360 visualizes at a glance

  • the status of an individual or all business IT services operated
  • the technical business parameters  
  • as well as the impact on business or production 

Deep packet monitoring

PCAP files as a source for network, application and service monitoring

  • Network packet analysis for any key figure 
  • PCAP files as a monitoring source
  • from package data IT service KPIs 





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