SLIC can import a variety of different data.

Basically, 4 levels are relevant for a comprehensive service presentation:

  • the business level (also industry / manufacturing)
  • the user experience level
  • the SAL level
  • the technology level

We cooperate with manufacturers of data monitors for the direct integration of their data into the service view. If a direct import from the tools is not possible or too time-consuming, we import the data from files.

Riverbed Steelcentral is providing a deep set of performance metrics. SLIC can import raw data from this device, select allpications and metrics and calculate performane and availability for each single application. Central became a datasoure for automated SLA Reporting for Web-Applications

Serice Tarce is a RPA solution, testing applications for errors, performance and availability. SLIC can import raw data from service trace and use these data for SLA reporting. additional SLIC includes dashboards for service trace view to compare location performance for each task

Remeday support tickets include data for SLA reporting

SLIC can read Remedy Data Files and organize and visualize ticket content

Counterflow's pandion is a reliable and cost efficient high performance packet capture solution. InterTrace can connect via API to pandion, configure Fitlers and packet downloads using its native NTQL or BPF expressions

currently in process.

cloudshark capbility for shark analysis can be launched directly for InterTrace. InterTrace provides statistics and views for many pcap files, and can launch into the single pcap file analysis to -enabling the perfect cloud-based analysis workflow.

IdeaData Netflow Auditor is a fexible netflow collector, supporting many ipfix fields for more than & #8222; justNetflow & #8220; Analysis. InterTrace statsview can use these data to provide a generic netflow dashboard for preselection / prefiltering

IXflow provided a set of netflow fields far beyond default netflow. Intertrace can import such netflow data and use for traffic correlation and preselection 

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