IT Service Visibility


Service Health visibilty

  • KPIs
  • Multitechnology
  • Cause & effect
  • Business Impact




deep packet analysis monitoring – every IT protocol


KPIs  for IT Services


  • data import from different data sources
  • incident Analysis and anomalie detection 
  • service status  impact (business ; technology) 
  • Aggregation and correlation of multi-technology and non-tech values into central key figures / KPI


Incident Processing

  • Daten realtime auswerten
  • Incidents erkennen und  korrelieren,
  • Auswirkung erkennen – Abhängigkeiten zuordnen
  • System-Learning  und Prediction


One View360

Integration of IT metrics, user experience, business metrics

showing the impact of technologies on each other – and on business success 

OneView360 visualizes at a glance

  • the status of an individual or all business IT services operated
  • the technical and  business-relevant parameters
  • the influence of technology key figures on business or production

Deep Packet Monitoring

PCAP files as a source for network, application and service monitoring

  • Network packet analysis for any IT key figures in network packets
  • PCAP files as a monitoring source
  • Network packet data on IT service KPIs 




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