PCAP Files

PCAP files can be used for at least 2 purposes
deep analysis of data for troubleshooting- and thread hunting puropse – or as sources for network/ application monitoring data.
Interview Solutions support both usecases

Intertraces allows the automated analysis of Pcap files over long tim eperiods on custom defined protocol fields, content etc.

SLIC Interview is using information of PCAP data like Status codes, Response Times, errors or incidents to determine the quality of a service and use these metrics to reporting and correlation

APM Data

APM – Application Performance Management – Data is used to determine the quality of an application, or – depending of the features of the monitoring solution, of a complete service – identifying dependencies between various elements and ressources for the overall service quality.

SLIC Interrview can import raw or preprocessed data of APM Solution for extendeds functions, like

automated SLA reporting based on APM Data Multi Technology Dashboards showing the non-application elements of services, like network, security etc.
Incident correlation and impact analysis of a wide variiety of data sources like Network, Security, Pcap files, APM – and business or production data

RPA – Robot Process Automation

RPA – is one of the methods to determine the availability and performance of application and services – by executing synthetic tests against applications and analysing the application responses in terms of performance, content and response.

RPA is used often for SLA monitoring by providing these esssential SLA data as a mirror of user experience

SLIC Interview can

  • import these data form RPA tools and use for automated SLA reporting
  • correlate these data with technical monitoring data, to show easy and fast the impact of network issues of system errors – on the SLA calues and user experience

Using ServiceTrace SLIC-Interview can show SLA Data for Application, exclude maintenance times and create views showing application performance from different perspectives – RPA, APM, UserExperience and infrastructure technology.

Netflow / IPFIX

Netflow data is widely used for capacity monitoring in networks, it is usually widely available, free – and informative with its data.

Netflow and is IPFIX-vendor-specific extensions can can be used also for service monitoring – in network – and data center environments, some extensions even provide data for application performance.

Intertrace and SLIC can interface to Netflow collector – to correlate Netflow data with data from other technologies.

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