SLIC interview

SLIC is a solution for service management and deals with the functions

  • Multi-technology data import - Data is imported from existing monitoring solutions via API, database or CSV / JSON

  • Recording of incidents, taking into account maintenance times, operating times

  • automated SLA Reporting Creation using a variety of data sources

  • workflows for correlation and reporting of cross-technology incidents

  • OneView  Aggregation of service-related technology, user experience and service level data in a central perspective

Value Proposition 

  • Technology, business key figures, user experience and service level in an automated view - management, customers, technology departments see the same service key figures.

  • Immediate detection of dependencies in the event of service failures shortens the cause and shortens downtime

  • manual effort for SLA reporting is eliminated


PCAP packet analysis and deep content monitoring

  • Large number of individual PCAP TraceFiles in a continuous long-term view

  • can create monitoring metrics using any protocol fields, and thus not only provide standard information from TCP or HTTP but also information via TLS, DSN, LDAP, SAP, Industrial Ethernet - or via proprietary applications.

  •  can be used in any scenarios, such as. VM, cloud - or in the data center, if for example. Capture appliances are used.

  • Incidents are recognized from the analysis of incidents - assigns these to technical categories (application, network, connection) so that responsibilities can be identified quickly.

  • can export incidents and use them as events in event management systems or SLIC.


  • Use of the same technology for deep packet analysis and monitoring - based on Wireshark - no new tools / products, learning

  • All protocols / fields from Wireshark can be used as monitor metrics

  • Can be used in the cloud, on VM systems or in the data center by integrating capture appliances