Highspeed Capture Appliance and Deep Content Monitoring

Pain Points Industry

High speed capturing often lacks of deep data analytics – user have to know when and what an incident happened, before downloading pcap files and run manual analysis.

Interview networks solutions and Wasabi Networks develop together a common analysis platform for high speed capture and deep packet analytics

The technical integration of InterTrace by Interview and Wasabi Network provides an excellent solution for a workflow of high speed capture and deep packet analysis.

Packets from the network are captured and stored by Wasabi NTA, if required in  separate partitions for critical and standard data.

User can define search- and download conditions on the Intertrace platform :

  • Filter – also BPF
  • timing – history or future data
  • recurring – where user can define size or time duration of each capture file –  longtime captures can be split in many smaller slices

additional interTrace allows integration of multiple capture appliances – aggregated into a single analysis scenario – or as a separate environment.

With this solution a high performance capture platform is closely integrated in deepest packet analysis based on Wireshark filters and metrics.

This solution can be used for

  • continuous monitoring of network segments and
  • can provide long time monitoring data
  • Deep content analytics
  • Incident recognition and alerting